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RHF Retrievable Hydrostatic Packer is used in production, injection and zonal isolation. It can be run in single or multiple zone installations. It is recommended for deviated wells where conditions are not suitable for mechanical or wireline set packers. No tubing movement is required or generated to set the packer. Once set, the packer is locked in place by one-piece no-directional slips. The packer can be released by straight pull .They are available in 4 1/2” through 9 5/8” casing.


  • Sets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades

  • Simple operation

  • Hydraulically activated, hydrostatic set

  • Built-in unloader and bypass

  • Pack off is mechanically locked and constantly reinforced by hydrostatic pressure

  • Triple seal multi-durometer elements

  • No Mandrel movement during setting allows stacked packer applications

  • Straight pull release


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