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RMLS retrievable casing packer is a general purpose packer for production, injection, zone isolation, or remedial operations. It is a full bore double-grip retrievable packer with an integral unloader. Opposed, non-transferring dovetail slips prevent movement of the packer in either direction due to pressure differentials, while allowing landing of the tubing in tension, compression, or neutral. The Lock Segments serve as a releasable Lock Ring to maintain pack-off once the packer is set,and locks the unloader in the closed position until the tool is released. The Split Lock and Control Segments allow the tool to be both set and released with right-hand rotation.


  • Internal bypass reduces swabbing.

  • Holds pressure differentials from above or below.

  • Can be set using tension or compression.

  • Set and released with right-hand rotation.

  • Tubing string can be held in tension, compression or neutral set while the packer remains engaged.

  • Packing element options are available for hostile environments.


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