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Every gas lift valve is attached to a reverse flow check when being installed on the mandrel. The purpose of this check is to prevent backflow from transferring from the tubing into the casing while gas is being injected into the well. Check Valves and their components are made with stainless steel, or premium material to prevent corrosion. The check dart is pressed against the seal until a differential in pressure is felt above the dart, preventing backflow into the casing.


  • The seat design incorporated in these check valves eliminates the risk of backflow, protecting the casing and cutting costs associated with maintenance

  • The NPD threading feature on the bottom of the check valve means it is easy to attach 2 or 3 valves for greater protection against leaks

  • The internal spring is INCONEL material. This withstands the harshest corrosives and temperatures giving life and reliability to the valve


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