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1. Continuous or intermittent operations

2. Kick off wells that contain heavy amounts of production fluid

3. Used in conjunction with water flood systems

4. Casing or tubing flow application depending on the side pocket porting configuration


  • The wireline retrievable feature of these valves means the there is no need to pull the entire tubing for maintenance or exchange

  • The maximum travel stop feature eliminates the risk of bellow stacking

  • 3ply MONEL bellows in all valves that require them for optimum performance and durability

  • These IPO valves include Nitrogen charged dome-and-bellow configurations

  • Filling the bellows with silicon fluid protects the bellows from hydrostatic forces (pressure) in the well by forming a hydraulic barrier

  • This silicon fluid also minimizes the vibrations and chattering which prevents the seat from any damage

  • The bellows have an internal guidance system which prevents corkscrewing and increases the cycle life of the bellow

  • The reverse flow check valve helps to avoid costly work over procedures (elastomer primary seal, metal to metal secondary seal)

  • The valves come complete with the fundamental check valve which will avert reverse flow from tubing to casing.

  • Available in a top and bottom latch configuration

  • The valve is compatible with all standard top latches giving its application more versatility

  • MONEL or Tungsten Carbide seat can be replaced easily for servicing

  • Various packing elements are available to meet the well condition

  • These valves can be coated if necessary to meet the most demanding applications



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