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1.These valves are used for intermittent or continuous flow applications


  • 3Ply MONEL bellows for durability and reliability

  • Filling the bellows with silicon fluid protects the bellows from hydrostatic forces (pressure) in the well by forming a hydraulic barrier. This silicon fluid also minimizes the vibrations and chattering which prevents the seat from any damage

  • MONEL or Tungsten Carbide seat can be replaced easily for servicing

  • The reverse flow check valve helps to avoid costly work over procedures

  • Double check valves can easily be added for greater protection and reliability

  • The maximum travel stop feature eliminates the risk of bellow stacking and increases their cycle life

  • Operating efficiency is improved by the large dome component

  • Valves are available in any material, primarily Stainless steel or Nickel - Copper Alloys

  • These valves can be coated if necessary to meet the most demanding applications


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