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1. Spring loaded (INCONEL spring) for installations that use tubing pressure for valve function

2. Unique seat design reduces injection pressure build up

3. Used in continuous flow gas lift application

4. Used for dual gas lift systems under unstable conditions


  • The wireline retrievable feature of these valves means the there is no need to pull the entire tubing for maintenance or exchange

  • Port size ranges from 1/8. to 3/16.

  • INCONEL spring loaded valve

  • Not sensitive to temperatures

  • The reverse flow check valve helps to avoid costly work over procedures (elastomer primary seal, metal to metal secondary seal)

  • 3Ply MONEL bellows for durability and reliability

  • Silver brazed bellow assembly

  • Packing element available in many materials depending on the user

  • High pressure spring available

  • The maximum travel stop feature eliminates the risk of bellow stacking and increases their cycle life

  • The valve is compatible with all standard top latches giving its application more versatility

  • The bellows have an internal guidance system which prevents corkscrewing and increases the cycle life of the bellow

  • Available in bottom latch model

  • Seat can be made from any material, including Tungsten Carbide


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